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Signing is the term that covers every type of visual communication a company or brand can use. And as is the case for every type of communication, it’s the first impression that matters most. The signing possibilities are endless, and include wall signs, illuminated advertising, wall and window decoration, exhibition stand walls, wall and floor decoration, wayfinding and projecting wall signs. Their purpose is to communicate a message, show people the way or make your audience aware of something.

Signshop Amsterdam has been making the most stylish and creatively distinct signs for 10 years. In our in-house studio, we create and produce eye-catching communication products and decorations that give a face to your brand, company, event, product or service. We make sure your company or product gets noticed!


Our in-house studio is equipped with a small but fully fledged collection of machinery. These modern, all-round machines enable us to produce every desired communication and message. From an XL full-colour print to brighten up an office, to a laser-cut logo for your company’s visibility to a gold-leaf-gilded name plate, we work in a very broad field, and in combination with our professional know-how and technology, we can make every possible type of sign to order. From the initial meeting to concept development and from design to production and installation, our enthusiastic experienced team can create high-quality, effective signs.

The possibilities for creative and unique communication items are truly endless!

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