Floor decoration

When it comes to signing, every surface is actually suitable. This is why floor decorations are also gaining in popularity, and are often seen on streets, in buildings or shops. They are used as wayfinding, at an exhibition stand or to create a surrealistic décor. The applications are practically endless, from individual promotional stickers to wall-to-wall carpeting in small or large spaces, digital floors, 3D paintwork or COVID and other floor-marking routing systems. Applying decorative or communicative texts to floors adds an extra dimension to rooms.


Floor decoration can be used to add a temporary creative look, as wayfinding or routing in your building, as a branding tool or purely for decorative purposes. Signshop Amsterdam’s floor decorations may be used for expositions, events, offices, commercial properties, shopping centres, museums and trade fairs. We specialise in creating made-to-measure floor decorations that are fully geared to conform to your wishes and ideas. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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