As the saying goes, many roads lead to Rome, but when you visit a hospital, industrial park, festival venue, public building, amusement park or other tourist attraction, you want to be able to head straight for your target. Clear and logical wayfinding helps visitors find their way.

People often literally think of a ‘signpost’ when they think of wayfinding, such as an arrow with text or just a logo. Wayfinding is so much more than this. It can be produced in any form and from an array of different materials. The most important factor in wayfinding (routing) is that it must be clear; after all, getting found is an art in its own right.

Custom made wayfinding

We can equip your building or location with effective wayfinding. We provide advice, create the designs, handle the production and carry out the entire installation. Curious about the possibilities? We specialise in creating and producing clear wayfinding that is fully geared to conform to your wishes and accommodate visitors.

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