Wall decoration

Wall decorations are not only nice to look at, they can also serve a purpose. Wall decorations can be part of your communication strategy, but can also be put to practical use. They can absorb sound or be part of your signing and wayfinding. They help create ambiance and provide an experience, and adding small (or large) elements to the various spaces will help you communicate with your visitors. You can evoke the right emotion in your visitors, and when you use wall decoration in the form of instore signing for example, you’ll even be able to encourage them to take action.

Wall decorations can include (3D) logos, hand-painted logos, brand/corporate style elements, moss walls with or without a logo, neon texts and in-store materials such as displays, wayfinding, wall visuals, banners, POS materials and floor stickers.


We take a personal and accessible approach to every project. After we have discussed your needs and ideas and have visited the location, we take stock of the possibilities for arriving at a creative solution. This creative, well-conceived design must also be technically feasible and effective. We work for independent companies, architects, interior designers and small and large retail organisations.

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