Craftsmanship & Technology

Traditional craftmanship implies something that is made by hand, but it’s so much more than this in practice. When we talk about craftmanship, we are referring primarily to the custom-made quality we deliver. We are craftsmen because we make unique objects, and provide precision and customisation and because we are passionate about our work.

We always aim for perfection in our work and look for ways to integrate new, creative applications in our designs. A few examples: 3D printing wall lettering, producing neon products, classic gilding, cutting plasma for a metal projecting sign or wrapping a car. We make specific, goal-oriented communication aids.

The variety of techniques we use makes our work field broad. We design and make products to measure, whether it’s illuminated advertising for the wall behind a bar, car lettering, shop decoration or flags and banners for events or a product presentation. We help our customers from the exploratory initial phase to the development of a total concept consisting of design, production and installation. This is why Signshop Amsterdam is a SI’BON Certified Sign Company.


We are the specialist when it comes to large format printing. Thanks to the latest printers and software, we can produce full-colour prints in our own studio in nearly every conceivable size and using an array of different (sustainable) materials. Our extensive professional expertise enables us to produce high-quality XL prints that are suitable for in-store marketing, point-of-sale (POS) materials, exhibition stands, expositions, events, bus shelters and displays.


Hand-painted façade signs, window decoration or projecting wall signs radiate character, get noticed faster and add a personal accent. Our professional staff are specialised in painting nearly every type of surface, and whether this demands precision and a thin brush, or a thick wall paintbrush, they always produce high-quality, creative work.


Lasercutting is a modern technique that lends itself well to unlimited possibilities and applications. Our CO₂ laser allows us to work with countless different materials to arrive at any desired shape. Lasercutting is a fast and incredibly precise method that enables us to create products with minute details.


Gilding is covering an object with an extremely thin layer of gold leaf. It may sound simple, but it’s a very delicate process. Signshop Amsterdam can use the gilding process for façade lettering, name plates, shop windows and objects. Gilding is a sustainable process and the objects retain the luxurious shiny look for years.


At our workshop, we work with various wood communications and signs. Working with wood offers us an endless number of possibilities when it comes to colours and shapes, but also in terms of size and look, from authentic advertising signs to modern 3D interior decoration pieces. By using various technical processes, we are able to turn every type of communication into an exceptional sign.


One of the oldest techniques for making signs is sandblasting. This technique allows us to create a special, sustainable look. High-pressure spraying a masked panel with an abrasive substance (such as sand) produces a carved, 3D effect.