From office furnishings to shops and from showrooms to reception areas, interior decoration is the way to add value to brands, workstations, offices and commercial spaces, while offering nearly endless possibilities. There are so many options out there: from simple signing, counters with a logo, illuminated textile banners, full wall coverings and custom-made furniture to 3D objects.


Companies and organisations are making a major shift when it comes to setting up smart workplaces that increase employees’ job satisfaction and productivity. The healthcare sector is also seeing how the use of a unique interior is the ultimate opportunity to create a better environment for providing care.

Ceilings, floors, walls, windows or furniture in hotels, shops, restaurants and cafĂ©s – anything is possible, and with the help of a made-to-measure creative solution, these places can be transformed into unique, stylish and comfortable spaces.


We specialise in creating made-to-measure interiors fully geared to conform to your wishes and ideas. Our optimal, efficient workflow is important to ensure we can always deliver the very best quality. Every step in this workflow counts, from graphic and other design and preparing the files to determining the material, production method and installation. This creative, well-conceived design must also be technically feasible and effective. We work for independent companies, architects, interior designers and small and large retail organisations. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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