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Wayfinding and signing are indispensable elements for expositions and events, not just to make visitor flows more manageable, but also to present the right information. Fortunately, more and more museums and event and festival organisations are seeing wayfinding as a huge opportunity to position their event or exposition. These various types of signing can help you as the organiser convey the desired image during an exhibition.

We are happy to help you visualise the message or experience and work with you on the design, the materials to use and the production. This can involve printing a wall covering that consists of a single sheet, to information panels, a stand wall, flags in a range of sizes, to 3D awards and wrapping promotional cars. We always bear the latest safety regulations in mind so that you can be sure that the d├ęcor or wayfinding is installed perfectly, and you can tick that off your to-do list.


Signshop Amsterdam has been making the most stylish and creatively distinct signs for 10 years for exhibitions, events, expositions and trade fair stands. In our in-house studio, we create and produce eye-catching communication products and decorations that give a face to your brand, company, event, product or service. We make your message visible!

Our guiding principle is to create and produce in the most sustainable fashion possible. We work with sustainable materials and, production method permitting, with circular solutions. This includes materials with the FSC/PEFC quality mark, products made from recycled raw materials, PVC-free materials and reusable walls and frames.

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