Facade signs

Facade signs encompass a broad range of products available in many forms, from classic wood wall panels to signs with modern, high-quality LED lettering; no matter what their form, they are always a match for their environment and the company’s image. Signshop Amsterdam is the specialist in creative facade signs. Facade signs include all advertising communications that are found on the facade of a shop or commercial property.

They are a form of outdoor advertising that can consist of projecting wall signs, illuminated channel letter signs, light boxes, name plates, façade lettering, window stickers or suspended banners. Facade signs promote recognisability and brand awareness.


  • Projecting wall signs
  • Façade panels
  • 3D logos
  • Painted wall signs
  • Advertising signs
  • Light boxes
  • Decorative glass film
  • Wall stickers
  • Light-box letters
  • Façade lettering


We take a personal and accessible approach to every project. After we have discussed your needs and ideas and have visited the location, we take stock of the possibilities for arriving at a creative solution. This creative, well-conceived design must also be technically feasible.

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