Window Decoration

We design, produce and install window decorations in a variety of types and sizes. Our projects don’t just use film; hand-painted logos and texts are also some of the many possibilities. The broad range of materials available allow us to transform glass walls, windows and shop fronts to creative and colourful objects.


We specialise in creating made-to-measure glass decorations that are fully geared to conform to your wishes and ideas. Window decoration may be affixed in cut shapes for privacy, or are used to promote the brand experience on glass partitions. They can also be used to communicate an effective campaign on a display window. Our films are fully transparent, semi-transparent or even opaque. The possibilities are endless for creating a new look for your shop interior or open-plan office space.

The use of gold leaf is a classic way to draw attention to your shop window. By applying this centuries-old technique, we can create a superior quality, stylish window decoration that will last for years without any concessions to quality.

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