Branding for Massimo Gelato

With four locations in Amsterdam, Massimo Gelato has been drawing massive crowds since it opened in 2017. Summer or winter, people wait outside daily in long queues just to get their fix of real Italian ice cream.

Facade signs Massimo Gelato

Uniform down to the last detail

Most people think that branding is about logos, corporate styles, advertising and marketing, but there’s so much more involved. For companies, branding is about translating the company’s value to a visual (and non-visual) identity that represents every single aspect of the brand.

The Massimo Gelato ice cream shops project a spacious and sleek image, and are furnished without any unnecessary fuss, just like the flavours of ice cream they sell. The menu boards are for clear and easy readability, and the materials used for both indoor and outdoor signing are carefully chosen, just like the ingredients they use for their products.

Role in the project
For the opening of the second shop, Mr Bertonasco contacted us for advice on the image for his brand Massimo Gelato. We worked with him to develop a branding plan, bearing in mind his goals for the company’s future growth and transforming it into a strong, reliable brand.

In taking the company’s vision into account, we incorporated this plan into the content and design for the complete Massimo Gelato brand. The branding guidelines Signshop Amsterdam defined in 2020 serve as a guide for the uniform implementation of the brand’s image. This applies to all communications as well as the interior of every new store to be opened, from the window signs and pavement sign outside to the menu boards, cups to serve the ice cream in, company uniforms and display window panels showing the available flavours.

Customer : Massimo Gelato
Location : 4 locations in Amsterdam
Technique(s) : Brand design / Woodworking / Lasercutting and engraving / Vinyl printing and cutting