Fairfood toilets for Parade

Every couple of years, a new ‘good cause’ gets the chance to take over the toilets at the Parade theatre festival. Buro Rust and Fairfood commissioned us to build the Superfoute Supermarkt filled with colourful images.

Event Fairfood

De Superfoute Supermarkt ('really cheesy supermarket')

Colourful supermarket shelves covered with silly slogans, groanworthy product tags and calls to action adorned the toilets at the festival. For the shelves, the designer produced stylised versions of well-known supermarket product packaging that were assembled to recreate an extravagant coloured supermarket, even down to a conveyor belt complete with cashier. Every toilet door portrays a product and if you have extra time on your hands, you can read on the inside of the door what is going on with the product represented.

The designs supplied were translated in our studio to production-ready files, making it possible to create large-format prints of the various items. The assembly team installed the XL prints on location in and around the toilet stalls.

Customer : Fairfood
Location : Toilets at Parade festival
Technique(s) : Large format printing