SDG Cube Wall

2020 Sign+ Award winner / exposition construction category

Comments from the jury: Interesting concept, also from an environmental standpoint. Smart design and execution. Modular and applicable for other purposes. Strong in terms of details – such as the transparent castors under the transparent cube – but also in terms of simplicity; they’ve done a lot with a minimum of materials. Reusable and flexible. Value added by the makers; realising a designer’s dream and surpassing it where possible.

Exposition construction SDG Cube Wall

2020 Sign+ Award winning project

Project description

The SDG House in Amsterdam is a community of entrepreneurs, experts and NGOs that work on achieving one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals. AKKA Architects designed the SDG entrance, intended as a waiting area where visitors can learn more about SDG’s goals. Two cube walls have been installed in the entrance area where the companies based at the SDG House can present their products or services.

Role in the project

Signshop Amsterdam was asked to translate the 2D design to a cost-effective 3D version on the basis of sustainable disciplines and materials. The construction of the (individual) assembly of the 70 cubes isn’t unique but was very efficient in this case when one considers the combination of two types of materials to form a complete wall of cubes, the quick method of production and the transport to the location (flat-pack delivery so minimal volume). The Cube Walls were built and installed on location, and once there, the cubes were fitted with cordless LED lights.



The transparent cubes are made from 10-mm thick Greencast, a cast acrylic made from recycled post- and pre-consumer acrylic. The non-transparent cubes are made from 10-mm thick Re-board, an extremely lightweight yet exceptionally strong and recyclable paperboard. Re-board doesn’t contain components with harmful substances and is glued with water-based adhesive.



The sketches provided were converted to files that may be digitally manipulated for both the cutting and printing work. The Re-board panels were printed with UV ink and the transparent panels were laser-cut.



Choosing and combining the right materials and production methods for this specific request; translating the design to a cost-effective and sustainable final version that could be completed in a very short period of time. 


Customer : SDG Cube Wall
Location : SDG House Amsterdam
Technique(s) : The Re-board panels were printed with UV ink and the transparent panels were laser-cut.