Rebranding – OBS De Westwijzer School

Primary school is an important time in a child’s life. When children are able to spend this time in a pleasant learning environment, this becomes obvious in their well-being and achievements.

3D Sign OBS de Westwijzer School

The face of the school

The goal of the rebranding was to ensure the image De Westwijzer conveys was aligned with the school’s identity. The feeling evoked by De Westwijzer’s brand had to emerge and be visible everywhere. To achieve this goal, we developed a new logo and a complete visual identity. After we designed the corporate style in our studio, the brand was developed further in the production of the internal and external communications such as the signing, interior, wayfinding and the website.

Role in the project

For the school’s rebranding project, we were called in for advice on image and execution. The starting point was giving the school the right look and creating a pleasant learning environment for the pupils.

One of the elements in the plan was producing the 3D tree of life. De Westwijzer’s tree of life symbolises the growth and development of the pupils. This tree has been given a prominent spot at the school, a central point offering the pupils a place to sit, learn and read.

The plan also contained recommendations for colours and use of materials. They chose one principal colour and five supporting colours. These basic colours were supplemented by the living green wall covering. For the modifications to the interior, we used natural materials such as wood and metal. The total restyling has resulted in a better atmosphere and mood and has boosted the pupils’ ability to concentrate.

The (sub-) production, assembly and installation work for the elements such as the 3D tree of life, the desks, indoor and outdoor signing, wayfinding, wall covering and the illustrative LED light panels were all done on-site.

Customer : OBS de Westwijzer School
Location : Amstelveen
Technique(s) : Laser and CNC cut acrylic, stacked to create a 3D wall sign / XL Prints / wood and metal working