Outdoor signing for Boeing

The American airplane manufacturer Boeing has been active in the Netherlands since the 1930s, and in January 2020, announced it would be retiring the global brand name, Aviall, the Boeing Company.

Facade signs Aviall, the Boeing Company

Aviall Inc. is retiring

Jones Sign Company – USA was given the opportunity to handle the global rebranding of Aviall, the Boeing Company. Jones Sign asked Signshop Amsterdam to be in charge of the rebranding for the Netherlands.

Role in the project

Signshop Amsterdam conducted a survey based on the corporate style guide provided in advance, complete with corresponding material specifications. The information gathered was sent back to the client in a detailed technical document.

All of the information received from all of the locations was translated at the studio(s) of Jones Sign for incorporation in Boeing’s new, uniform worldwide image. We received this document with information on the exact positions (down to the last centimetre), formats, colours, materialisation and so on. Signshop Amsterdam was able to apply this information to the rebranding.

We translated the digital files we received from the client in our studio to files technically suitable for the production of the facade signs, the stainless steel name plate and the information pillar. The 30-mm thick Acrylox letters, the three-metre-high information pillar and stainless steel name plate at the entrance complete the picture of a globally recognisable brand.

Customer : Aviall, the Boeing Company
Location : Boeing Nederland
Technique(s) : Laser-cut acrylic, XL printing of various plate materials and production of stainless steel panel